I, the undersigned, Managing Director of Surgical Supplies, am committed to a policy of total quality assurance and excellence and will ensure that this policy is understood, accepted, implemented and maintained throughout the company.
It is our policy to provide quality product and services in the development and manufacturing of orthopaedic related products, through expert developed and manufacturing practices.
In fulfilment of this policy we shall ensure that products and services are supplied to meet their intended purpose and stated performance criteria in accordance with the requirements of, and to the satisfaction of the customer as well as the Medical Directive concerning Medical Devices.
We will not accept a contract where client satisfaction is not possible for reasons of our capacity limit, or because it is beyond our normal expertise or does not conform to acceptable standards or for any other reason considered being harmful to quality performance.
Our quality policy is directed towards achieving these objectives:
To provide a prospective client with the assurance that the development, manufacturing, delivery and support of products and services supplied to defined customer requirements, and/or contract/order requirements. Where applicable products will comply to International Standards.

  • ensure that a contract is carried out within the contractual parameters of time, quality and cost.
  • contribute to the profit objective of the company by optimising the direct costs of quality    assurance against:
    • The cost of potential losses and non-conformances;
    • The implicit value of perceived goodwill, credibility and national/international reputation.
  • constantly improve communication and co‑operation between all departments, functions and the customer.
  • constantly improve managerial and technical skills and to instil the need for self-discipline and attention to detail in all personnel in conducting the activities of the company.
  • constantly increase quality assurance consciousness and application in all personnel.
  • achieve a friendly work environment in order to promote Quality of Life for all employees.

I therefore commit myself and all employees of Surgical Supplies to the enforcement of the Quality Management System based on ISO 9001, ISO 13485, the Official Journal of the European Communities on medical devices 93/42/EEC with the amendments of 2007/47/EC and require that all employees of Elite Surgical Supplies work according to the system, procedures, authorities and responsibilities contained in the documented Quality Management System.